Welcome Letter

July 16, 2022

Hello Classmates!

The 55th Reunion is comming up in August 2022!  Click here to register.

We’ve developed a website exclusively for our class and many classmates have already joined. Through this website and emails, we provided dates and details of those events and will provide information on any upcoming activities. In order to have our contact information correct we’re inviting you to join us utilizing one of the two ways listed below:

  1. Visit our website at www.Wayzata67.org and click on the “JOIN HERE” link in the grey box in the upper right corner.  Follow the directions on screen.
  2. Join our class via the Class Connection Facebook application.  If you are a regular Facebook user this is a great way to participate from a platform you’re already familiar with without having to create a separate account on our class web site.  Our Facebook link is https://apps.facebook.com/classconnection.  Select our school name and class year (Wayzata High School Class of 67), then follow directions on screen.  Participating with our class through Class Connection Facebook application is safe and secure, and no private data whatsoever is shared with Facebook.  Your privacy is our top priority.

IMPORTANT:  Whether you join via our private web address or through our Facebook link, you are accessing the exact same system and the exact same class data. 

Get in touch, stay in touch!

We look forward to seeing your completed profile on our reunion website. If you’ve already signed on, be sure you update the site with any changes.

Join us today!